10 Signs Your Partner Might Be Seeing Someone Else


In relationships, the beginnings are not always as the end. Along the way, someone may intrude or one or two things may interfere. A partner may decide to cheat or give up on his or her partner for another woman or man. If you are not certain whether your partner is seeing someone else or confused about his or her recent change in attitude, here are some signs that indicate he or she might be seeing someone:

He or She…

1. Stops calling or reduces the number of calls he/she used to make

2. Gives late and short response to chat messages

3. Does not ask back how you are also doing after you have asked

4. Gives excuses to cut phone calls short

5. Does not care about your complains or reactions anymore

6. Has number busy or number is on another call most of the time when you call

7. Does not accept your gifts again

8. Becomes rude (Not always)

9. Has told his or her friends about his or her new partner so when his/her friends see you, they mock or do slight whispering and laughs when you are passing-by

10. Becomes uncomfortable when you handle his/her phone.

What to do when You See these Changes In Your Partner
Whenever your partner starts any of the above:

1. Give him or her space.

2. Avoid apologizing if you know you have done nothing wrong

3. Try as much possible to be silent for a while and patiently/secretly get proves

6. Do not breakup with him or her. (Note that whoever is keeping him or her happy now will dump her soon and he or she is gonna come back when the broken heart strike. This will be a payback time for you or time to reconcile if you really need him or her back)

7. Avoid giving her gifts because you think it will make you win her back

8. Try as much as possible to look/be better than he or she used to know

9. Have time with your opposite sex who are more handsome or beautiful than him or her. (This will make him or her feel he or she is losing you to someone who is more beautiful or handsome than her or him)

10. Whenever she says something like “Have you broke up with me? or You have been ignoring me for nowadays!” do not respond. It is a trick to find out from you your emotions about his or her recent attitude. Or he/she will probably ask that to find out from you if you suspected she did something wrong to you. Just say you do not understand what he or she is saying so he or should stop it.

10. Keep arms crossed and watch him or her chase you back.

If you still love him or her, reconcile and be careful this time.
If you do not need him or her back again, find a new love and live happily with your new partner.


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