A MUST READ!! Advise, Warning To Upcoming Artistes Who Are Signed Or Yet To Be Signed Into Record Label


So many independent (unsigned) music artistes work hard to get a record label, but when they finally do, they become lazy and reluctant. That’s not cool!

When they are independent, they release songs almost every month, they jump on any competition or free beat, but when they finally get signed into a label, they become lazy. That’s too bad!

Probably because they might have gotten a furnished apartment, big chains, new clothes, and every beautiful girl is now tripping for them, in their mind, they’ve arrived. Lol

What they don’t understand is that Record Labels are not Charity Organizations, rather business ventures with the sole aim of making a profit.

Every money spent on you, even drinks you take and weed you smoked in the studio, is a loan and it’s expected that you pay back with interest. Nothing is free not even in Freetown.

You’re like an investment to them. They calculate a minimum number of songs/albums to be recorded within the lifetime of the contract and how much they will earn from it.

And each recorded song will be checkmated for quality, lyrical content, delivery, and ability to queue into trends. So you must work hard to meet up, to avoid Wahala.

It takes a lot of hard work on the part of the artiste to meet with Record label demands. Failure to meet these demands is already an indictment on the part of the artiste.

The issue between  Cynthia Morgan,Mr. May D, Lyta, several others, and their labels should make you understand that most record deals have clauses that allow the label to recover financial input with interest.

Permit me to inform you that Record labels don’t care about you the Artiste but their profits only.

Legal actions can be taken against you in a bid to get back at least their principal investment in you when things eventually go south.

We are praying for you to get signed by a label who will be ready to promote you. Same time, we still advise you to put in more efforts when you are signed, don’t get carried away by money and fame. If not, it won’t end well. It might end in premium tears. -Naijacloudloaded

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