BIG SHAME!!! Lagos State Govt Arrested 229 Looters in 3 Days, But Can’t Do This Small Thing Since These Days


really still try to figure out how this old wagon politicians do see youths, they actually still think we’re stupid for real 😡😡

So Lagos State govt can swiftly jump into action by arresting those people that looted across the state in just a span of 3 days and can’t arrest that thug that his picture went viral for trying to injure protesters at Alausa area of Lagos.

Now you expected kudos for going after suspected looters and not obvious criminals we all know, that even the youths already made 80% findings of him, by getting his Facebook page and other information.

I don’t even know how to be angry about Nigeria’s government again self…

Well, I don’t expect them to arrest their brother in crime sha!

F*ck the government!!!!


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