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Dax – Dear God (Official Video)


After kicking off his campaign with a tweet at the end of September, Ottawa’s Dax recently pulled the trigger on his fiery new visuals for “Dear God.”

“The track is a declaration of his religious beliefs and houses relatable lyrics about struggles with faith, belief and commitment to religion.” – GRM Daily

Toned with religious and reverential symbolism, the single and accompanying video is Dax’s open letter to God, in an attempt to find answers and meaning. He shared a photo with a new “Dear God ” tattoo a few days before single dropped, and included a message explaining the importance of the release and the message.

Dear God …’ I’ve always had questions honestly. I mean I think everyone does. Especially when you grow up in church. I got this tattoo because Oct 10th is going to be a day I never forget regardless of what happens. My poetry and music is the only time in my life I’ve ever really felt like I’ve been able to really communicate.

Songs are almost like prayers. Sitting in the chair getting this tattoo had me thinking. Maybe God had me randomly stumble upon this path and talent 3 years ago to connect with him. To communicate with him. Maybe he had this song planned out from the start. Maybe he knew I’d lose my way and come back. Maybe maybe maybe…

I hate that word but fuck it. This tattoo says everything and nothing at the same time. Complicated Simplicity is what I call it. I’ll finish the tattoo with the song… #Oct10”

The stunning new visuals were powered by Moses Israel, and have already racked up close to 3.5 million views since dropping on Oct. 10. Dax is easily one of the biggest Canadian artists on the move right now, and the consistency in his release schedule has helped him add to his fanbase at an impressive rate. He recently featured on Chanel West Coast’s single, “I Be Like,” which has over 130K streams on Spotify.

You can find “Dear God” on various digital streaming platforms including Apple Music and Spotify via Living Legends Entertainment.

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