DO YOU AGREE? RevolutionNow Is The Only Option To Fix Nigeria Problems Permanently (See This)


The country Nigeria, can break you down till you have nothing to lose again.🤦😓😓
You remember this young man? One of the Portharcourt EndSars protest yesterday.

See photos below 👇

I know some of us must’ve stereotyped him. Maybe he’s a weed smoker, a mad man, drug addict and Cultist. But he wasn’t all that!

Read his brief life story by (Unknown Author).

DJ Kaka, schooled in Ghana. Sars killed his twin brother and made him spend over 4years and 8months in jail, they took his car too and almost killed him.😓😓

That was the reason why he protested with the last drop of his blood yesterday.

With same EndSars energy and unity, we can take over power from these clueless old leaders that couldn’t achieve anything for the past 60yrs. Someone like President Muhammadu Buhari is not supposed to be the president of a country with millions of intelligent young men and women.

Something should be done about it! The existing RevolutionNow campaign championed by Sowore, has been compromised. He is now a con man. Maybe a different new person should take the lead.

We’ve suffered enough in this country. By the grace of God, some of us eat thrice a day, any food of our choice. But there’re people that cannot afford 1 square meal. If you’re rich and your siblings are poor, then you’re not rich. We need a better Nigeria for all.

Do not be afraid of the military. They all have suffering families.They hope and pray for a better Nigeria as well. They’re your brothers and sisters. You can call your person to quit the job and join the movement. Most of them are tired already but doesn’t have a choice.


DO YOU AGREE? RevolutionNow Is The Only Option To Fix Nigeria Problems Permanently

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