DO YOU AGREE? This Year 2020 CHRISTMAS CELEBRATION Is The Worst Ever In History


For us Africans, Nigerians in particular, the Christmas season is a celebration moment, a period to give, exchange love through gifting of valuable items to friends, loved ones, colleagues among others.

At this period, the aroma of the varieties of dishes coupled with the scent of seasoned meat is a major feature of the kitchen. But guess what? Nothing as such. All kitchens are empty, nobody is cooking any thing. Maybe few did, unlike previous Christmas seasons.🤦

The Christmas celebration for the year 2020 seems different. Nigerians are lamenting due to insufficient funds, high cost of food items, forcing them to buy little for a huge amount.

Nobody is traveling! Who wants to travel in today’s Nigeria? Leaving where are right now, can be a journey of no return. If it is not herdsmen, it is bandits, or kidnappers. Only few Nigerians took the risk.

Buhari-led government it shall never be well with you all.

The country is so bad that it affected the weather. No harmattan anywhere, it rains instead. So strange!

Some people may claimed that this year Christmas celebration is the best, perhaps for them, not to 99% Nigerians. The country hard o, people are suffering, hunger dey town and money nodey.

This Year 2020 CHRISTMAS CELEBRATION Is The Worst In History -DO YOU AGREE?

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