FA Vowed To Bans Fan’s That Stormed Wembley For EURO 2020 Final


The Football Association has vowed to ban any supporter found to have attended the Euro 2020 final with out a ticket, with groups of fan’s storming the ground prior to kick-off.

A number were able to gain entry, with ugly scenes marring what was supposed to be a celebratory occasion for a nation starved of international success.

Those that did get in saw the Three Lions suffer more penalty shootout heartache against Italy, prolonging 55 years of hurt, but many may not be allowed to enter a stadium again.

FA chief executive Mark Bullingham told BBC Radio Four’s Today programme when quizzed on how security was able to be breached: 

“We will do a full review and we will work with the police to catch anyone involved and make sure we can prevent it ever happening again.

“Anyone caught will obviously be banned and have the right action taken against them.”

Bullingham added on the “drunken yobs” that forced their way into Wembley: “We run a stadium, not a fortress.

“We have got a fantastic security team at the stadium and they had never seen anything like it.”

Bullingham also offered his apologies to any supporters that saw their Euro 2020 experience negatively impacted by the actions of a minority.


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