Football Betting Fans => We Heard Winners Have Not Been Paid For Some Days Now – What’s Happening?


Nigeria my country…… This is disheartening 😢

Nigeria/Central Bank are currently dealing with all Football betting companies in the country at the moment and most youths said they are the one suffering it the most.

According to information from reliable source, the Government has mandated all Football Betting Company to pay a certain percentage on every game played on their platform.

Currently all their Bank Accounts are currently on hold and No single winners have been paid ever since then.

Football Betting is currently one of the surest source that most youths rely on to make ends meet and now, see what is happening or about to happen.

Guys 👇

How Are You Currently Coping With This New Development

What Do You Have To Tell The Government As Regards This?

Let’s hear from you all about on this important issue.

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