FUNNY ANSWERS ONLY!!! How Do You Think The “Oba Of Lagos” Stolen Staff Of Office Was Found?


It’s really funny how things are happening real quick in this country.
Who said traditional rulers are scam? them the person should be told or shown the miraculous story of how Oba of Lagos stolen staff of office was mysteriously spotted standing still in the vandalized palace.

Unlike in movies, where youths will be sent to the dangerous forest to search for the missen crown or staff of office, the gods are now bringing it back themselves.

The staff was found standing neatly and resting calmly on a bright white wall – The Staff must be very mysterious as it doesn’t even look haggard after been stolen hoodlums for days.

Watch video below:-

However, the gods have returned their stolen property back to its rightful place. But where were the gods when hoodlums stormed the palace to steal the staff of Office?

How did the staff of office get here? Didi the gods return it to the palace themselves? Did the hoodlums return it to the palace themselves? Could this be another staff of office cause this is not looking like a stolen one – it is absolutely neat as new.

We have seen series of posts from different people saying different things about the Oba and the missen staff of office.

So Guys, the questions here is, 👇

How Do You Think The “Oba Of Lagos” Stolen Staff Of Office Was Found?
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