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How Police Officer Shot Indiscriminately Into The Air After Argument With Bartender In Rivers


An official of the Nigeria Police Force has been nabbed for indiscriminate shooting.

The policeman, whose identity is not known yet, has been arrested by Nigerian Air Force personnel at Port Harcourt Military Airport after shooting indiscriminately into the air.

A source at the scene of the incident told SaharaReporters that the policeman became angry and committed the act after being cautioned by a bartender in the officers’ mess not to take a bottle of beer he was holding into the apron where jets were parked.

The policeman was asked to find a private area to drink but instead of complying with the directive decided to cock his gun and shoot into the air to show his anger at the bartender.

“Police escorts for several dignitaries were at the Port Harcourt Military Airport yesterday for a meeting held at the Government House.

“Close to the apron where their jets were parked is an air force officer’s mess where one policeman approached the barman to ask for a bottle of beer.

“As he had the bottle and was approaching the apron to go drink it, the barman told him to drink it under a mango tree and that bottles were not allowed into the apron.

“The policeman flared up and asked him who gave the order. Almost immediately, he cocked his rifle and shot in the air and the guy took cover before other policemen around disarmed him and air force personnel arrested him,” the source disclosed.



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