How to Make Money Online with Bet9ja


Make Money Online with Bet9ja, Since the reward for passion spread like wildfire across the country everyday,

youths, adults and the old wizened stake their hard earned currencies at the tables of betting with a dire hope of smiling to the bank in the aftermath of every soccer game called successful.

This is beautiful, getting rewarded for watching your favorite sports, getting rewarded for being a passionate fan.

Trouble is, 90% of betters (not sure if English pundits are looking at me fairly right now) or people who place their money on bets scarcely gets rewarded.

Reason is not far fetched, just at arms reach. I’ll tell you why.

Seeking for underlying secrets and tips before hoping into a bandwagon of trend is almost alien to the Nigerian social setting.

That’s why people rarely go through the trouble of asking questions related to soccer betting or surfing the web for tips on how to succeed in winning the games, they just kick off blindly and unguarded and fall into trouble of broken hearted games where they stare at the slip like a plague.

Well, lucky you, you’re viewing this page.

If you’re a rookie or newbie in the betting world, fantastic!!

You’re are at the right place, perhaps you’re an oldie who’s lost fortunes, weep no more. Help is here.

Promise me one thing, that you’ll heed to the tips I’ll be sharing here on how to make money online winning Bet9ja soccer predictions and that of other agencies too.

Making money online can be frustrating with online betting when you go in unclad and barefooted without the right information.

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Follow this 5 fail proof tips strictly and win big.

Kill your sentiments before betting

One steep mistake many are gulity of is placing their bets on the grounds of favoritism.

We all want our teams to win.

That’s the passion.

But if you really want to monetize that passion, then divorce your sentiments.

Because you love team A and want a win for team A, but you know team B is stronger and it’s winning prospects looks good, you go ahead and stake on A.

No it’s wrong, sentiments are of no significance when money is involved. It’s like mixing business with pleasure which is unhealthy for success.

Keep your love for your dear team aside and come with an open formatted mindset into the betting arena.

Your fanaticism is your major bane, kill it now.

You can continue with it if you just want to quit money making and go back to the orthodox fan that you’re, passionate, staunch supporter, for better for worse.

But last time I checked, betting is addictive so I guess you’re not left with much choices here than to stick to the no sentiments rule.

Study the pedigree of the teams you want to bet on

Placing your bets on random teams with little or no foreknowledge about them is as good as squeezing up your money firmly in your hands and flinging it into the lagoon.

Get first hand knowledge about the team, study their previous matches, rate their performance, be the judge, ask yourself, is this club really worth my cash?

Some teams have lost form and direction, every match is a failure waiting to materialize, you are ignorant about this, and you place your bet on a sinking ship only to watch as it goes down while you wail.

Increase your chances by studying the teams, don’t worry, it’s worth it in the end.

The odds could be deceptive at times

Yes, the odds determine how much you’ll make, and it’s quite a hard task resisting higher odds with high price tags, but these high odds make your winning chances slimmer.

Imagine a game like this with the odd finely coated in deceit. Chelsea (1.5) vs Derby County 5.5) if you are really a football faithful you’ll know this is mission impossible for Derby County.

Don’t fall for this trick.

If you really want to stick by the odds then both dreams in goal-goal draw or something similar should be your best bet.

However, a look at the background of the team like i mentioned earlier will be of immense help.

Invest if you really want to win

You’ll never get out of your misery with Your N100 and N200 peanuts you put in on behalf those long greedy tickets of yours.

Granted, people have won fortunes out of the N100 peanuts but do your maths, how often do that happens? once a blue moon? one out of a thousand persons? Come on…. Betting is serious business, for some it’s a source of livelihood for some it’s for the fun.

If you think you can eck a living out of investing meagre sums into betting, then I recommend you enroll in a comedy club, you’re funky.

The higher you invest, the upper you project your chances.

Play a running ticket

Although I categorically advice against carrying long tickets round your neck like a garland, instead place your bets on reasonable odds after forecasting like the scientist do (crticical evaluation of the teams).

But since your stubborness didn’t start off today and you insist on decorating your neck, well, let them be running tickets, spanning through several days and weeks, that way you’re sure to bet wisely with fat chances of winning.


I’ve got a tangible piece of advice here, look on:

Moderation is key to everything.

Too much of so many things under the sun is dangerous and that includes betting, don’t borrow just to bet, don’t use someone else’s money placed in your custody to bet.

It’s gambling the legal way, you could loose everything. Well, unless a magician or fortune teller is in your scheme of things, never risk it. Bet within the confines of your pockets.


I do hope these tips came in handy, follow them religiously and eliminate your woes.


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