How We Can Finally Settle Who Is The Best Between Ronaldo & Messi


I am happy i stayed up all night to watch Messi & Argentina beat host Brazil on home soil to win the Copa America (Watch Highlight Here)

I guess nobody expected Argentina to grab the trophy cause Bet companies gave them 4 Odds to Brazil’s 1.90! Imagine!

Anyways, back to the Ronaldo & Messi never ending debate ⚽

So now Leo has won a major trophy for his country, same as Ororo did with Portugal in 2016 🏆

In domestic view, both players have won so many titles and personal honours that i believe they are now even… So how can we settle this debate once and for all 🤔🤔

The only way we can settle this is via the upcoming 2022 World Cup 👇

📌 Whoever wins that tournament is automatically the greatest player between the duo ❗

Finally, everybody can rest and we will have a clear winner 😀


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