Long-term partial activity maintained under current conditions until summer


The possibility of concluding a long-term partial activity agreement, open until the summer of 2022, will remain “until next summer” with the same level of aid to businesses, said Labor Minister Elisabeth Borne on Thursday. on BFM Business.

“I can confirm to you that we will maintain the level of support, therefore a remainder limited to 15% for the employer (…), until next summer,” said Ms. Borne.

It was initially planned that the compensation for companies of the compensation paid to the employee will increase from 85% to 80% on 1 October.

The President of Medef Geoffroy Roux de Bézieux welcomed this decision “essential for seriously weakened sectors and in the recovery phase”.

“This is a measure that will prevent many business failures and their share of layoffs,” he said in a tweet.

The ministry has recorded “since March 345 job rescue plans (PES) which compare to 231 over the same period of 2019, that represents a lot of jobs, 50,000 jobs”, said the minister.

“The responsibility of my ministry is to ensure that there is quality social dialogue and then to offer companies all the measures that have been put in place, in particular the long-term partial activity”, she continued.

This device “both recent and innovative, the texts of which came out in July, allows by a company agreement to reduce if necessary the activity and then to take advantage of this time not worked to train, so that the company keeps jobs, skills and even strengthens its skills so that they are stronger after the crisis ”, emphasized Ms. Borne.

It is more advantageous than traditional partial unemployment, limited to six months.

The new long-term partial activity scheme allows a reduction in working time up to a maximum of 40% of non-working hours, subject to a company or branch agreement, from 6 to 24 months, validated by administration and including commitments on employment and training. Companies have until June 30, 2022 to validate an agreement.

During non-working hours, the employee will receive 84% of his net salary (or 70% of his gross), calculated from a maximum salary of 4.5 Smic. As these are a maximum of 40% of his working time, this guarantees him 93% of his net salary.



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