Why Praising Messi? If Not For Di Maria, Argentina Wouldn’t Have Won A Title With Messi – DO YOU AGREE?


I congratulate Messi and Argentina for that victory but let clear some fact
Messi is always ghosted when needed at almost everytime, shit happened again in the final against Brazil.

If not for Di Maria’s brilliant finish in the 22nd minute of the game, the Messi-Argentina’s title drought would still continue. Brazil might have seen off Argentina in the extra time of the game or get them off in penalties.

I watched the match from A to Z and I was so disgusted with Messi’s poor, selfish and embarrassing impact in the match.

Football lovers and giving credit to the wrong man and no one is for once praising the PSG star, Angel Di Maria for his great effort.

Funny enough, Messi doesn’t have any impact on the goal, no assist from him or build up touch whatsoever.

His individual contribution is not entertaining and always a loose ball, something might have been wrong with the six times Ballon D’Or winner.

Watch Messi vs Brazil Highlight

The worst part, he even missed a one-on-one chance to double the lead. So what if Di Maria didn’t score that goal?

You guys should rest abeg! 😒😒😒

Do You Now Agree That If Not For Di Maria, Argentina Won’t Win Any Title With Messi?


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